Basic Information

Name (EN) Mr. Md. Saydur Rahman Name (BN) Employee IC 2412
Designation (EN) Lighting Officer Employee IC 2412 Department Harbour and Conservancy
Email Mobile Grade 10
Date of Birth 1/1/1974 Joining Date 10/23/1993 employee_retirement_date 1/1/2033

Training Information

SL Training Name Batch Date Duration Feedback Remarks
1 ই-নথি’র পরবর্তী সংস্করণ ডি-নথি বিষয়ক কারিগরি প্রশিক্ষণ সংক্রান্ত 1 2023-04-03 1 Present

Computer & Other Related Accessories

Device Brand Model Processor Ram Operating System Space Status
Computer hp dell core_i5 8Gb 64 bit OS 1024GB Active